High-Strength Hexsert Threaded Insert

High-quality High-Strength Hexsert Threaded Insert

High-Strength Hexsert Threaded Insert The Avdel High Strength Hexsert is a threaded insert which provides a clamp force comparable to weld nuts and clinch nuts in high torque applications. The hexagonal shape and large flange gives the High Strength Hexsert exceptional torque-to-turn strength in thin sheet materials whilst having safeguards against over tightening which can lead to thread stripping and the need for expensive rework.

Key Features

Features include:

  • Exceptional torque capability
  • High speed assembly
  • Provides high-strength threads in thin materials starting at 0.5mm
  • Increased thread strength
  • If excessive torque is applied, the screw shank should fail before the insert, avoiding over-tightening problems such as thread stripping and expensive rework
  • Installed and retrofitted with standard Avdel handtools, as well as multi-head and auto-feed robotic systems

Assembly Applications


  • Tubular steel
  • Hydroformed parts
  • Magnesium castings
  • Aluminum extrusions

Materials and Finishes

Steel Zinc plated to BS 3382 and clear passivated to achieve 240 hours resistance to red corrosion (ASTM B117) Hexavalent Chromium-free.



  • Sizes: M6, M8, M10 and M12
  • Large flange
  • Hexagon

Recommended Tool

We recommend the 74200 rivet tool, 74201 rivet tool or 74401 rivet tool of Avdel's rivet guns for use with the High-Strength Hexsert Threaded Insert.

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