Versa-Nut Threaded Insert

High-quality Versa-Nut Threaded Insert

Versa-Nut Threaded Insert The Avdel Versa-Nut insert is a wide grip range threaded insert, which provides an extra large blind side bearing area when placed. Specifically designed for use in soft materials, plastics and composites. With up to twice the grip range of standard blind inserts the Versa-Nut rivet nut enables a reduction in the number of fasteners in an assembly.

Key Features for the

Features include:

  • Installed quickly by using simple handtools (less than 3 seconds)
  • Require only blind side access
  • Extra large blind side bearing area after placing
  • Higher pull out and torque-to-turn resistance
  • Less radial loading of holes in brittle materials
  • Less risk of cracking and de-lamination of composites
  • Up to twice the grip range of standard blind inserts
  • Enables a designer to reduce the size or number of fasteners in an assembly
  • Covers large variations of thicknesses

Assembly Materials


  • Composite Moulded Parts
  • Magnesium
  • Thin Sheet Aluminium
  • Plastics

Assembly Applications


  • Automotive trim and mouldings
  • Trucks and trailers sandwich sections and panelling
  • Domestic appliances - Handles, adjustable feet and fixing points
  • Plastic fabrications - Assembly of plastic recreation equipment



  • Sizes: M4 - M8
  • Material: Low carbon steel
  • Headform: Large flange

Recommended Tool

We recommend the 74200 rivet tool or 74405 rivet tool of Avdel's rivet guns for use with the Versa-Nut Threaded Insert.

  • High speed, repetitive fastener feed
  • Typical assembly cycle times within two seconds
  • Blind sided assembly
  • Simple operation
  • One tool places the entire range of speed fasteners with a simple modification
  • Quick reloading
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ideal for all volumes from low volume batch work through to fully automated assembly lines

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